Monday, March 21

Today I am thankful for:

  • making a new friend
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • quiet, safe drives
  • silly dances
  • old movies
  • my awesome sewing machine
  • caffiene
  • unlimited supply of coffee at work
  • having a job
  • false bravado
  • inside jokes
  • my boys
  • fresh flowers
  • lunch dates

Wednesday, March 16

things i am thankful for and love:

  • kittens
  • my super amazingly comfortable bed
  • having a job that pays well
  • being able to choose what time i set my alarm
  • milk and cookies
  • hula hooping
  • being able to go to the beach recently
  • my partners laughing with me as i overcompensate for my lack of dancing skills with over-the-top gestures and fake confidence
  • cuddling
  • hot tubs
  • eating lunch in the sunshine
  • music
  • hot showers
  • seeing my mom on a daily basis
  • netflix
  • being mostly normal and functional on a daily basis

Tuesday, March 1

Ye ole fashion blog.

The Renfest is in town again, and in honor, I will share a medieval post!

A few years ago, my friend purchased a red peasant top and a blue corset from the festival. She had a friend who was a teacher that asked her to help chaperon a a highschool field trip to the festival, and she decided to dress up for the kids. She didn't have a skirt to go with her corset top, so she asked me to make her one.

We went to the store and picked out a few fabrics that matched the corset top - a dark blue, a dark red, and an off-white to resemble a petty coat. I didn't have a pattern (as usual), so I took her measurements and just started cutting away. We wanted the skirt to look as authentic as possible while staying on our zero-to-none budget.

I essentially made three skirts out of the three different colors, each one slightly different in fullness. I layered the skirts from bottom to top: white (for a petty coat), dark red, and then dark blue.

In order to create some fullness in the skirt, as well as show off all of the layers, I scrunched up the top two layers and sewed them in place. The result was some-what of a curtain effect.

I finished off the waist band with elastic, and the skirt was done! It took several yards of fabric, and just a few hours, and her outfit was complete.