Sunday, October 26

it's been such a long time, i guess i should be goin'.

I lost my camera for forever, but I finally found it on Thursday!
So this is what has become of the zebra pants. An over-sized racer-back tank top (I just love them) with an adjustable back strap thing. I forgot to take a picture of the back, but perhaps I'll get one up soon.

blue tanktop (walmart), volleyball shorts (walmart), zebra tank (handmade)
A lovely mirror shot.

I made this vest a while back. I tried to make a dress out of this fabric last summer or winter but failed horribly and so I cut the skirt up for this. It looks like an old man vest and I love it dearly, but it needs some vintage or over-sized buttons.

I have a lot of new clothes that have yet to be photographed, so expect frequent posting!

Wednesday, October 8

It is to late ta pologize?

Dear readers,

I apologize for my unannounced hiatus. School is ridiculous. Consider this my pledge to update those who are curious of my silly outfits, crazy creations, or general musings at the very least every Wednesday and Saturday, starting tonight.

Don't give up on me!