Sunday, December 14

if the shoe fits..

Now, I'm not much of a shoe-girl, or a spender for that matter. But I can't think of anything else I want more than this pair of boots right now.

them is dancing pants


I'm going on a cruise this week, but expect lots of updating when I get back, because I'm gonna have way too much free time over the break.

Tuesday, December 2

you can't fix what's already spoiled.

WARNING: spoilers.

I know this is supposed to be a fashion blog, but since it's my blog, I can write whatever I want, and today I want to write about how terrible the movie "Twilight" was.
I'll be the first to admit that I was hesitant about reading "Twilight" or seeing the movie because of the obsessive tween craze associated with it. However, after my 27-year-old sister demanded that I read the whole series during Thanksgiving break so that we could see the movie together, I thought hey why not? I don't even have to tell anyone if it's really that bad. And you know what? I was surprised. Twilight was amazing! I can't say the same for the rest of the series (the other books were just okay), but the first book is definitely worth reading. But be prepared: YES, its a romance geared towards teenage girls. Yes, it is at times annoying naive and innocent. Yes, you probably do deserve Edwards more than Bella. No, it's not likely that after reading the book you will magically have a vampire encounter (I woke up this morning infuriated and abashed that I was able to hold down breakfast and had no unbearable cravings for blood). That said, read the book now, thank me later.
I did finished the books and we did go see the movie, and ladies and gentlemen I am despaired to tell you that it was terrible! Now, I'll be honest, I am biased against movies made from books. The translation is almost always terrible (exception: The Princess Bride, love it!), the movie never does the story justice (exception: A Walk to Remember - the movie was actually better than the book), and I just can't handle it when what I see on screen differ so greatly from what's in my head (sup, Harry Potter?). But I went into this movie with those facts in mind, forcing myself to make the best of it.
This book had so much potential: the plot line was simple, the characters were distinct and unique, and the dialog was practically already in script form.
I was so disappointed.
I'll start with the cast. Not what I had in mind, not who I would have picked, but still not bad (minus Eric: in the book he was an acne-ridden chess geek, yet the movie portrayed him as a charming journalist played devastatingly gorgeous Korean actor Justin Chon). Most of the lines were delivered convincingly (though I'll come back to the lines themselves), and the actors seemed to do what the could with what they were given. I watched a couple of interviews, and I'll be honest, the secondary character actors all seemed much cooler than the two primary actors. Robert Pattinson (Edward) seemed kind of arrogant and out of touch in his interviews, and Kristen Stewart (Bella) looked like she was either high or bored. I will admit, Pattinson looked rather dashing in the prom scene, but for most of the movie, the Cullen gang just didn't look as gorgeous at the book promised.
The shooting, ahh the shooting. Every shot was the same. The colors seemed all wrong and the movement was off. Some scenes were unnecessarily long while incredibly important ones seemed too short. And with all of the money this movie grossed (what was it, 30 mil in the first day?) I think you guys could have afforded slightly better special effects.
The characters' depths weren't captured like they should've been, and the relationships seemed all wrong. The interaction between Bella and Edward was weird and confusing, their romance seemed rushed and shallow. The movie left out vital points in the book and added unnecessary scenes (The field trip? What was that? It didn't even make sense). Secondary characters like Mike, Jessica, Tyler, and Angela had their significance taken away so fiercely that I wondered why they even left them in the movie.
And Catherin Hardwicke? Really? The woman directed "Thirteen," probably one of the worst movies ever made. It only took her six weeks to write the script, and if you see the movie you'll understand how. It was so terrible. All she had to do was pull out major plot points and memorable lines from the book, but she couldn't even do that. She had to add irrelevant (not to mention peculiar) scenes and details, taking away from the beautiful shape and composition of the book's story. Oh, how I mourn for you, Ms. Meyers, for your work of art was smashed with a hammer and put back together with chicken feathers* and glitter glue. And the dialog, oh dear. It was corny, jumbled, it made no sense! Important lines from the book were changed, and for what reason? Why change the heart-stabbing line Bella gives her father as she storms from the house, leaving for Arizona? The one that replaced it was not nearly as effective or gut-wrenching. And why leave out all of the dazzling lines that Edward delivers that makes Bella (and more importantly, us) love him so, when that would've filled the heart of every 13-15 year old girl in the theater.
I could go on (and on and on) but I should probably stop before I sound like a resentful bitch (too late?).
Overall? You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

*a little joke for those of you who made it to breaking dawn

Sunday, October 26

it's been such a long time, i guess i should be goin'.

I lost my camera for forever, but I finally found it on Thursday!
So this is what has become of the zebra pants. An over-sized racer-back tank top (I just love them) with an adjustable back strap thing. I forgot to take a picture of the back, but perhaps I'll get one up soon.

blue tanktop (walmart), volleyball shorts (walmart), zebra tank (handmade)
A lovely mirror shot.

I made this vest a while back. I tried to make a dress out of this fabric last summer or winter but failed horribly and so I cut the skirt up for this. It looks like an old man vest and I love it dearly, but it needs some vintage or over-sized buttons.

I have a lot of new clothes that have yet to be photographed, so expect frequent posting!

Wednesday, October 8

It is to late ta pologize?

Dear readers,

I apologize for my unannounced hiatus. School is ridiculous. Consider this my pledge to update those who are curious of my silly outfits, crazy creations, or general musings at the very least every Wednesday and Saturday, starting tonight.

Don't give up on me!

Tuesday, August 26

so this zebra wants to know if he's white with black stripes or black with white stripes...

Today I saw my friend David, whom I haven't hung out with in approximately forever, and he had the marvelous idea to go to the thrift store.
I've only ever known of one thrift store near our store, but today he took me to a new one that I had no idea existed!
Turns out it was only separated from the other thrift store by a parking lot and a fence...
He got a sweet pair of boating shoes and a totally cute vintage fan.
And I got these!:

They're too big, but I think I may just fix the elastic around the waist and add elastic to the cuffs, so they're baggy and a bit like hammer pants.
If that looks terrible, then I'll just trim them down to size.
They were too good to pass by though, especially for $2.

Monday, August 25

hello, kitty!

Today was the first day back to school, so I had to wake up at 7:45AM to be at school by 9:15! Bleh! But luckily, I only had one class and it was only 50 minutes long, haha, so I was done by 10:30 and ready to waste my day... erm, I mean get things done. Getting my books was easy, but don't get me started on parking permits.
Back to school outfit!

The bookstore is right next to a shoe store, and my airwalks are so broken they flap their mouth everytime I take a step, so I went in to find a new pair of sneakers.
Didn't find sneakers, but I did find these...


And of course, right next door to the shoe store was a Target, and I simply did not have a good backpack for my laptop...

I'm spendin' too much money, honey.

Sunday, August 24

you can call for pizza, you can call your cat, you can even call the whitehouse, have a chat!

I was looking through old pictures on my computer and I came across these pictures of a present I made for my friend a year or two ago.
It's an over-sized pillow phone!

Complete with 9, yes only 9, buttons for long-distance dialing!
Just don't call the operator!

Detachable ear and mouth piece!
New wireless technology!
You don't even need a phone line!

Say that again, the line's a bit fuzzy...

Saturday, August 23

shake what ya nana gave ya

A little while back my Nana gave me a bunch of old dresses to cut up.
This is one of them.

The first couple of times I tried this dress on it just didn't fit right. So I decided to cut it up, perhaps make it a halter or racer-back type dress, taking it from Boho to Hippie.
However!, I tried it on again tonight to figure out what cut would work best with the top and for some odd reason it first for the first time.
Now I can't decide if I want to leave it as is or still cut it.
The sleeves aren't skin-tight, but they don't leave much room for growth, and the material doesn't allow for much flexibility. Also, it's a little warm for the sunny state of Florida.
The back is fully covered, so if I do leave the sleeves on, I might turn the back into a big plunging V.

I couldn't really get it in the picture, but the dress is exactly floor length.

Taking off the sleeves would probably give my arms a lot more mobility and take away the heat factor.
I can't seem to decide.

What do you think?


Sunday, August 17

get the picture?

WARNING: This post hosts approximately one billion photos.

Oh no!, again?
Yes, the green striped tank is back.
I'm in love with its versatility, perhaps.
I love the shape of the collar, but it's a little tight in the bust and the fabric doesn't stretch so it does the impossible and gives me some crazy cleavage.
Sometimes when I'm going into a situation where I know I'll feel uncomfortable or shy, I'll dress crazy or tough (I try, anyway).
I knew I was going to be spending the day with someone important that I barely knew, so I did my best to hide my timidness.

green striped tank (thrifted), vest (forever 21 - believe it or not, on rare occasion I actually do shop at mainstream stores), black skinny jeans (old navy), steel toed boots (used to belong to my mom)

I freaking love these boots. It's so fun to be able to run up and kick stuff or have people stand on my feet without feeling it. Makes me feel tough, for once?

I suppose this outfit is chic without being too dressy.

sunglasses (Claire's), green striped tank (thrifted), skinny gray jeans (Sears), jacket and shoes (Marshall's)

When I bought the jacket, it had these ugly lame blue buttons on it, so I replaced them with these sweet buttons from Walmart. They give the jacket a more nautical feel.

Wearing heels makes me want to kick shit over.
Then again, so did the steel-toed boots, so maybe I just have a problem.

But aren't they beautiful?
Very vintage.

I don't know if one is allowed to mix stripes with stripes, but I've never been one for following rules...
I made this skirt from a purple and very light pink pinstripe material.
I was going for a vintage sailor girl skirt feel.
Big white buttons found in my mother's sewing kit, and white piping separates the waist and the skirt.


And in final news, my boyfriend got me a screen press for my birthday! I just need to get a screen, and then I'm on my way to making bunches of sweet sweet shirts/pillows/wall art/whateverthehellifeellike.

Sunday, August 10

this one will get her out of her clothes and into the sheets

I was up by my school the other day and there is a JoAnn's that is relocating, so there was a massive sale. I figured I might be able to get some nice thread for my new serger for a little cheaper, so I went in.
And ended up buying $65 worth of sewing fabric/supplies.
But! All of it was 50-70% off, so I couldn't miss this opportunity.
Also, my family threw out my old bed (which was a full and all of the other beds in the house are queen size), so we were stuck with several sets of sheets that didn't fit any of our beds. My mom was just going to give the sheets away, so I snagged them before she had the chance.
All of my fabrics combined take up an entire 30 gal tub.

Keeping to my addiction to making new outfits every week, I used the flat sheet from my bed set that I had when I was about 11 (I grew out of the tulips as I got older, haha) to make a dress that was inspire by the first dress in this post by MODAna.

paired with a baseball belt stolen from my brother

The dress was supposed to have a very 70's feel to it. Floral and flowy.

I changed the style of the top part so that the sleeves would always be off-shoulder and couldn't ride up.

Double ruffle bottom!

I felt like the dress came out a little more German girl than 70's hippie, but I still like it.
I hope Dana doesn't mind me stealing some of her style! To be honest, I like her dress much better anyway.

Monday, August 4

curtain call

For my birthday, my friend Christopher gave me a giant roll of this beautiful thick purple fabric. It's almost as tall as I am!
You could make curtains out of this stuff, I love it.

The first thing I made with it was a high-waisted bubble skirt.


I wore it out dancing last night with the shirt and necklace Jimmie got me.

waistband detail.

I finally got my serger yesterday (It's a Kenmore). However, we didn't bother to any nice quality thread, which is apparently required for a serger to work properly. So!, when I got home and set it all up and tested it out, it would work for about a foot of fabric and then decide that it really didn't like the cheap thread that I put in it. So I'll have to go pick up some nice thread that is designed for sergers and form a new opinion on whether I love it or not. Has anyone else ever used one?

Thursday, July 31

little thriftshop of horrors

So for my birthday, my boyfriend and I went thrifting all day. I was hoping to find a crazy skirt or some old jewelery, but the thrift stores around here are mostly lame.
We did however go to the new Plato's Closet, which to be honest was in some respects more expensive than the mall, but I found a cute tank for only $3!

The colors look really good with my skin tone and it has a racer back! I love racer backs. They are so comfortable and I think they're sexy while maintaining modesty.

My boyfriend picked this purse out for me. He loved the guns; some revolutionary, huh?
I love the inside fabric. I think the purse is actually reversible. Or if it wasn't meant to be, then it definitely could be anyway.

I love love love this necklace. It's by a brand called 1928 (found at JC Penny's). All of their jewelery looks like it's from the 20's. I want the entire line. So gorgeous!
But for some reason just this piece was on mega sale, and when I pointed it out to my boyfriend, he insisted on buying it for me. Mostly because I wouldn't buy it for myself - I'm really cheap. And this necklace was only $6, if that tells you how stingy I am with my money. To be honest, my boyfriend fronted the bill for all of these items. He loves to spoil me. But I try my best to be a cheap date.

For those of you who are magic fans:
Today we went to Clearwater Beach to see Criss Angel escape from a building that was about to implode. I wasn't that impressed. Just watching the building fold in on itself was my favorite part. But it was fun just to say we went. Just to be a part of history.
Personally, I thought the trick would've been much more entertaining if it had been David Blaine walking out of the cloud of dust at the end instead of Criss Angel, but that's just me.

Tuesday, July 29

let's celebrate me.

It's quite possible that I'm addicted to the idea of wearing a new outfit every time I go out dancing. This week I'd like to blame it on the fact that today is my birthday, so on Sunday I had my birthday dance at The Zendah Grotto. I was the center of attention, so naturally I had to create a new cute, yet still functional, look for myself.
I made this shirt-dress from the scrap of fabric leftover from the suspender skirt I made a couple of weeks ago, some stretchy white fabric from who knows what, and a button I took off of a jacket.

front / back

asymmetrical straps! yay!

button detail!

Sorry about the boob shots. The front of the shirt just doesn't look right on my dress form.

For anyone wondering, I had a lovely birthday.
I went thrifting with my boyfriend and scored a couple of really good finds. But more on that later, I'm sleepy.
Goodnight world!

Saturday, July 26

her first job

So my friend from work hired me to make her a dress for her and her boyfriend's one year anniversary. She wanted a tube-top with lace and such, I think I captured what she wanted.
The top is made out of eyelet fabric and the bottom is white cotton with that stuff that they make veils out of on top (hah, anyone know what that's called?).

without the flower

with the flower

the back

Also, a couple of my friends wanted to see the dress I made for senior prom.
Haha, gotta love my date's crazy hair.

And no, Jimmie, black jewelry is not just for old ladies.