Tuesday, August 26

so this zebra wants to know if he's white with black stripes or black with white stripes...

Today I saw my friend David, whom I haven't hung out with in approximately forever, and he had the marvelous idea to go to the thrift store.
I've only ever known of one thrift store near our store, but today he took me to a new one that I had no idea existed!
Turns out it was only separated from the other thrift store by a parking lot and a fence...
He got a sweet pair of boating shoes and a totally cute vintage fan.
And I got these!:

They're too big, but I think I may just fix the elastic around the waist and add elastic to the cuffs, so they're baggy and a bit like hammer pants.
If that looks terrible, then I'll just trim them down to size.
They were too good to pass by though, especially for $2.


head in the clouds. said...

ahha those are killer!

matt said...

you are too cute, you know that?

Hannah Cheeto said...

Zebra pants=amazing!