Saturday, August 23

shake what ya nana gave ya

A little while back my Nana gave me a bunch of old dresses to cut up.
This is one of them.

The first couple of times I tried this dress on it just didn't fit right. So I decided to cut it up, perhaps make it a halter or racer-back type dress, taking it from Boho to Hippie.
However!, I tried it on again tonight to figure out what cut would work best with the top and for some odd reason it first for the first time.
Now I can't decide if I want to leave it as is or still cut it.
The sleeves aren't skin-tight, but they don't leave much room for growth, and the material doesn't allow for much flexibility. Also, it's a little warm for the sunny state of Florida.
The back is fully covered, so if I do leave the sleeves on, I might turn the back into a big plunging V.

I couldn't really get it in the picture, but the dress is exactly floor length.

Taking off the sleeves would probably give my arms a lot more mobility and take away the heat factor.
I can't seem to decide.

What do you think?


Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

keep it as is, in my opinion
fall is coming
it's perfect

Brooke Rudder said...

I really like the dress. I think a V in the back would be wonderful. The first thing I thought when I saw the dress was.."that's amazing.."

I should shorten the dress. Make it come right to the knee's... I think that would be really cute. The sleeves..I'm not sure I could understand how it would be near impossible to move your arms around..but I really like the needs cooler temperatures...but the more that I think about it.... I think it a great idea to take the sleeves off...DO IT! and I want to see the end results!

ps--did I mention that a V in the back would be amazing??

Hannah Cheeto said...

I really like it... you really could go either way with the V or the sleeveless... I think cutting the sleeves would be more practical but a V would also look stunning... and it could also work if you shortened it as brooke said. That wasn't really helpful, but I guess just do whatever you want!