Sunday, August 10

this one will get her out of her clothes and into the sheets

I was up by my school the other day and there is a JoAnn's that is relocating, so there was a massive sale. I figured I might be able to get some nice thread for my new serger for a little cheaper, so I went in.
And ended up buying $65 worth of sewing fabric/supplies.
But! All of it was 50-70% off, so I couldn't miss this opportunity.
Also, my family threw out my old bed (which was a full and all of the other beds in the house are queen size), so we were stuck with several sets of sheets that didn't fit any of our beds. My mom was just going to give the sheets away, so I snagged them before she had the chance.
All of my fabrics combined take up an entire 30 gal tub.

Keeping to my addiction to making new outfits every week, I used the flat sheet from my bed set that I had when I was about 11 (I grew out of the tulips as I got older, haha) to make a dress that was inspire by the first dress in this post by MODAna.

paired with a baseball belt stolen from my brother

The dress was supposed to have a very 70's feel to it. Floral and flowy.

I changed the style of the top part so that the sleeves would always be off-shoulder and couldn't ride up.

Double ruffle bottom!

I felt like the dress came out a little more German girl than 70's hippie, but I still like it.
I hope Dana doesn't mind me stealing some of her style! To be honest, I like her dress much better anyway.

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