Sunday, August 17

get the picture?

WARNING: This post hosts approximately one billion photos.

Oh no!, again?
Yes, the green striped tank is back.
I'm in love with its versatility, perhaps.
I love the shape of the collar, but it's a little tight in the bust and the fabric doesn't stretch so it does the impossible and gives me some crazy cleavage.
Sometimes when I'm going into a situation where I know I'll feel uncomfortable or shy, I'll dress crazy or tough (I try, anyway).
I knew I was going to be spending the day with someone important that I barely knew, so I did my best to hide my timidness.

green striped tank (thrifted), vest (forever 21 - believe it or not, on rare occasion I actually do shop at mainstream stores), black skinny jeans (old navy), steel toed boots (used to belong to my mom)

I freaking love these boots. It's so fun to be able to run up and kick stuff or have people stand on my feet without feeling it. Makes me feel tough, for once?

I suppose this outfit is chic without being too dressy.

sunglasses (Claire's), green striped tank (thrifted), skinny gray jeans (Sears), jacket and shoes (Marshall's)

When I bought the jacket, it had these ugly lame blue buttons on it, so I replaced them with these sweet buttons from Walmart. They give the jacket a more nautical feel.

Wearing heels makes me want to kick shit over.
Then again, so did the steel-toed boots, so maybe I just have a problem.

But aren't they beautiful?
Very vintage.

I don't know if one is allowed to mix stripes with stripes, but I've never been one for following rules...
I made this skirt from a purple and very light pink pinstripe material.
I was going for a vintage sailor girl skirt feel.
Big white buttons found in my mother's sewing kit, and white piping separates the waist and the skirt.


And in final news, my boyfriend got me a screen press for my birthday! I just need to get a screen, and then I'm on my way to making bunches of sweet sweet shirts/pillows/wall art/whateverthehellifeellike.


yoncto said...

those boots are definitely AMAZING.
and thanks for your comment!
nooo, i don't find it creepy at all if people post comments on personal-ish things, in fact i like it! haha.
and yes, it must be the swearing issue =D

Hannah Cheeto said...

All of the shoes are beautiful (/rockin')!