Thursday, July 31

little thriftshop of horrors

So for my birthday, my boyfriend and I went thrifting all day. I was hoping to find a crazy skirt or some old jewelery, but the thrift stores around here are mostly lame.
We did however go to the new Plato's Closet, which to be honest was in some respects more expensive than the mall, but I found a cute tank for only $3!

The colors look really good with my skin tone and it has a racer back! I love racer backs. They are so comfortable and I think they're sexy while maintaining modesty.

My boyfriend picked this purse out for me. He loved the guns; some revolutionary, huh?
I love the inside fabric. I think the purse is actually reversible. Or if it wasn't meant to be, then it definitely could be anyway.

I love love love this necklace. It's by a brand called 1928 (found at JC Penny's). All of their jewelery looks like it's from the 20's. I want the entire line. So gorgeous!
But for some reason just this piece was on mega sale, and when I pointed it out to my boyfriend, he insisted on buying it for me. Mostly because I wouldn't buy it for myself - I'm really cheap. And this necklace was only $6, if that tells you how stingy I am with my money. To be honest, my boyfriend fronted the bill for all of these items. He loves to spoil me. But I try my best to be a cheap date.

For those of you who are magic fans:
Today we went to Clearwater Beach to see Criss Angel escape from a building that was about to implode. I wasn't that impressed. Just watching the building fold in on itself was my favorite part. But it was fun just to say we went. Just to be a part of history.
Personally, I thought the trick would've been much more entertaining if it had been David Blaine walking out of the cloud of dust at the end instead of Criss Angel, but that's just me.

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iRevolution said...

I want to see you make that thing reversible.
"little thriftshop of horrors" my baby is so clever.
I can't wait to work on that jacket we got, between the gun purse and the military coat we're ready to go to war.