Monday, July 21

scarves in the summer

I went shopping with my mom a couple of weekends ago, and found this fabulous scarf on sale at The Dress Barn. I was so excited, because I hadn't seen anything like anywhere before (Dress Barn isn't exactly the prime shopping spot of the typical trendy teenager) , and I'm all about creating a unique style. Right after, I went over to Target and found almost exactly the same scarf...
The rest of America now has access to my fabulous old lady scarf.
The good news? It'll continue to be above 80 degrees here in the sunny state of Florida until late November, so perhaps no one else will see the sense in buying a scarf mid-summer.
The bad news? It'll continue to be above 80 degrees until late November, so I'll have to travel out of state to show it off.
But! I don't want to wait, so I was trying to come up with different ways to wear it that make sense in the summer heat.

+ =

flower brooch (Goodwill), jean skirt (so old i can't remember)

And a thank you to to
Dana from MODAna for the recognition on her blog!


Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I like the first way best!
And my my that's a big scarf for such a young lady!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Wow that's cool—a huge scarf that can be a dress, top, etc. And it's old lady-ness makes me love it ;).