Tuesday, July 22

the little flower brooch that could...

I was suddenly inspired to try to make my own flower brooch,
so a strip of old polka-dot fabric and a little bit of elastic turned into

with or without leaves (made from the same fabric as the messy patchwork skirt)!

Hope everyone's having a good night!


CoutureCarrie said...

That is so awesome!!

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I love the pink polka dots! And the stripey leaves are a great touch
I recently ventured into DIY territory, I hadn't done it in over a month and forgot how fun it is to have something you created, that no one has :) (and was cheap too, haha!)

cindiasaurus said...

thank you! to both of you.

and i agree, i feel very accomplished when i wear a home-made piece out for the very first time. love it.