Wednesday, July 16

a skirt and an attitude

New skirt!
I got this fabric last summer from Walmart, only $1/yd!
It's white with dark green pin stripes. I originally picked out the fabric to make sailor pants, but there is plenty of it left for pants still, even after making this skirt.
I cut the fabric into a bunch of random shapes and then sewed them back together using a light pink thread that shows. Kind of going for a scruffy, rebellious teenager look.
The waistband is made out of a stretchy white fabric that's been hanging around for longer than I can remember. I like the fact that the clean, smooth waistband contradicts the rough, patched-together skirt.

front/back. It's actually a circle skirt, and has no real front or back.

close up on waistband/patchwork.

The waistband looks uneven in these pictures, but it's actually a fold-over waist band, and I was just too lazy to straighten it out completely.

I also wore this one out dancing.

tank top (target), patch skirt (hand-made), pink tights (target)


Kingshuk said...

Nice dress,,,nice blogs..welcome to blogs and plz feel free to leave your comments

Hannah Cheeto said...

Nice skirt! I like it with the tights. Sure we can link up.