Wednesday, July 9

what else is new?

Two more pieces almost finished! I've got a taste for the long-baggy-shirt-with-a-low-fitted-waistband recently. They're easy to pair with leggings or tights and terribly comfy. Plus, they can travel with you through seasonal weight fluctuations...

Exhibit A: brown and blue stripped dress/shirt with racer back.

The edges on the top of this pieces aren't finished and I'm afraid they might fray. I don't have a serger (yet), and I think it's a little late to add a lining, so I'm not sure what to do next.

Exhibit B: A pink shirt/dress with a waterfall front.
Inspired by this top from Forever 21.

This blog hates me right now, and refuses to allow any pictures of the garment other than this one, so perhaps I can try to add more detail shots later.

Fixed it!

back view.

front detail.

Happy Humpday!


iRevolution said...

Seasonal weight fluctuations, I'm totally having one of those right now.

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

oh my god you're really talented!
I love the fabric on the first dress (stripes)

Anonymous said...

wow, these are so good!

youve got loads of talent my dear!