Thursday, January 1

so this is the new year, but i don't feel any different

A while ago when my Nana came to visit, she gave me a bunch of crazy old lady dresses that I could cut up and play around with.
While I was waiting around for the New Years Eve festivities to start, I decided to make a new outfit for the occasion.

I didn't think to take a picture of me wearing it before I started cutting it up.

I combined it with a little bit of fabric Jimmie gave me for Christmas.

The Back!
The skirt was a lot wider than I am, so its bunched up in the back and it ties to close.

Winter break went by a lot quicker than I had planned and I didn't get to do as much sewing as I had hoped. But it's not over yet, so we'll see what I manage before next week.


womens dresses said...

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Mary said...
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