Tuesday, February 15

Get it?

I kind of have this obsession with home-made halloween costumes.

Freshman Year - Old scifi movie robot.

Sophomore Year - Link from the Zelda series

Junior Year - Jessie from Team Rocket (not pictured because it was kind of ugly)

Senior Year - Steampunk Zatana

This past year for Halloween I finally did a costume I've been wanting to do for a while: a lion.
This costume was very hit or miss, as it is a play off of my last name. Those who know me well loved it, but those who know me by first name only thought it was cute, but didn't get why it was supposed to be clever. Either way, I consider it a success.

I have also always wanted to wear a child's Halloween costume as it is always humorous.

I found a toddler's lion costume and performed some reconstructive surgery to make it fit.

This involved taking the elastic out of the hood so I had enough room for my twenty-something-year-old head (the easiest part).

I cut up each side and made biased tape out of ribbon to line the edges. I hammered in eyelets (I quickly learned that it is not the easiest task in the world). Then I strung it up with lace. The corset-like result allow me to easily fit the vest over my giant man-shoulders, but then fit it to my chest. As you can see, the vest stopped right at my natural waist.
I also cut and tucked the arm bands to make them look neater.

I then made a simple, short circle skirt using fabric given to me by a friend.

I took the tail that I had removed from the back of the lion vest and added it to the skirt (so there wasn't an awkward tail sticking out of my mid-back).

And viola, my lion costume was born.

Admittedly, the first two parties that I wore the costume to, I didn't have time to make the skirt, so I just wore it with jean shorts and tights, which made me look even more typical of a lazy college student. The costume went over well both ways.

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